What We Do

Policy Development:

This is where our grassroots approach comes into effect. Through our policy development programs, we surface issues from our members to identify, discuss and prioritize issues which are of importance to the members as a whole.

Policy Implementation:

We conduct meetings with state representatives and senators to share our members' concerns and discuss those prioritized issues. We make a yearly visit to the Capitol to meet with our county legislators prior to the current year session to let them know what our priorities are for the year –

We meet with County Supervisors annually and discuss the County budget, again bringing our members' issues of concerns to the supervisors.

Policy implementation isn't just about issues for the county but also state and national
issues that affect our members, both farmer and non-farmer.

Scholarship Program:

Polk County Ag Enhancement Scholarship program provides $2000 scholarships to up to 10 Polk County high school seniors each year. The scholarship is divided into 4, $500 awards sent to the student and his college of choice each fall semester as long as the student retains the required GPA.

Young Farmer Program:

Provides opportunities for young farmers to develop leadership skills, and by participating in the young farmer program, they also meet other young farmers with similar interests and priorities. There are several contests to improve their knowledge of agricultural issues and the ability to communicate those issues effectively. They also participate in trips to the state capital and Washington, D.C. to meet with legislators and other officials to communicate those issues of importance to their families and communities.


Our committees are open to all member participation. If you belong to Polk County Farm Bureau and would like to participate in any of our programs, legislative, policy implementation, membership, young farmer, public relations, or ag in the classroom, give the county office a call and you will be contacted by a board member who chairs that particular committee.